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Naïm Gallouj

Web Developer

Hello, i'm Naïm, my work consists of offering solutions to small business to help develop their website and secure their servers. I work on large scale Software and applications such as : IPB, Vbulletin, Xenforo, Drupal, Wordpress, Cpanel, and more.

My main expertise is in Website Developement, specifically front-end work, as well as this I do website security. Aside that I'm able to work with MySQL, Php, Java, Linux, Apache, Cpanel, Windows Server and much more.

  • Name Naïm
  • Date of birth January 30, 1998
  • Languages French , English.
  • Email
  • XMPP
  • Skype


Web Developement

I'm offering Webdev services for various gaming communities , in particular the private server community.


My goal is to make sure that my customers information systems are secure and cannot be compromised.


I'm able to proactively advise my customers, allowing them to appear at the top of google searches, and generate new leads


Web Developer (Freelance)

Feb 2014 - Current

I've been working in Freelance since 2014. I've worked with hundreds of clients. My speciality is to Develop, Secure and Design Forum based on popular software such as : Invision Power Board,Vbulletin , xenforo , mybb... Check my customer feedback here.

CEO – Trident-ps

Sept 2017 - July 2017

With a couple of partners I work with, we decided to recreate an MMORPG based on the game Runescape. At the end we had a peak of 40 users online simultaneously. We reached a number of subscription of over 5000 accounts. Due to a lack of time, I had to shut it down. I might reopen it who knows ?